Our Story and Core Values

It all began 20 years ago

Dr. Philippe Schmidt and his wife Babette, arrived in Laos with a question:  How can we create a profitable business while feeding hungry kids?


So, using their own life savings, Mai Savanh Lao was birthed in 2006 with a humble silk production factory and about 20 employees, almost all women.  After about ten years of hard work and dedication, the market simply wasn’t there.  It was time for a change.

As it happened, one day a few years back, Dr. Philippe got his Edison-like epiphany; he stumbled upon a little-known magic seed, a food practically bursting at the seams with protein and OMEGA-3, nutrients your body can’t make on its own.


“This is it!,”  he thought.  He began exploring this ancient yet virtually unknown superfood lying deep in the heart of the untapped Lao forests; the more he found, the more excited he became (imagine Columbus landing in America or the first step on the moon).  A healthy goldmine lay before his very eyes.


Two words:  Sacha Inchi.

This ancient superseed was used for centuries by the Incas and has until very recently gone virtually undiscovered in our modern world.  Its incredibly high content of OMEGA-3 and protein is practically unrivaled in the seed kingdom.


So… Here we are today.  We are thrilled to be a part of one big, happy family spanning across the entire country — we buy our goods exclusively from our local Lao farmers:  over 2000 village families, directly impacting 10,000 village lives.

But that’s not all: In addition to our Sacha Inchi lineup, we’ve also designed an array of incredibly innovative and easy-to-eat foods, such as all-natural solar-dried bananas, hibiscus, and a rare Asian pepper spice, Mack Khen, grown right in the heart of Laos. We are always trying new things and never want to stop dreaming of exciting ways to satisfy your appetite! So, stay tuned….

All of our products are fair-trade certified, meaning we help the Davids fight in a Goliath world.  We care about the little guy, the small farmer, and we always pay fair wages so our farmers are able to send their children to school.   In a divided and polarized world, we believe it’s always better together.


Are you in?

Our Core Values

Snacks4Smiles: child


We’re not in it for the money.
All of the profits are reinvested and given back to local villages for community development and further growth for the Lao people.

Our preventive-driven and innovative Snacks4Smile program enables hungry village the chance to eat the same food as you, providing them rich nutritious food as they study.

100% Fair Trade Certified

All our products are Fair Trade Certified, ensuring right practices and fair wages for every one of our 2000 farmer families.

Mai Savanh Lao Factory

Small Farmer Oriented

In a world full of Goliaths, we give Davids a chance.
We want to take care of the little guy.