We offer healthy Fair Trade products to improve your health and leave a positive impact in rural, often poor, farming communities in Laos.

Sacha Inchi

Pure Sacha Inchi Protein

Complete vegan protein.

Contains all 9 essential amino acids.

High digestibility rating 60% protein by weight.

Boost now your vital energy with T60.

Use in smoothies, baked goods, cereal, salads, or as meat replacements.

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Sacha Inchi

Because we put people first,
we follow the rules of organic farming
and all our products are Fair Trade certified.

Mai savanh Lao Garanteed Fair Trade Organization
Sacha Inchi

Pure Sacha Inchi Omega-3 Oil

High in omega-3 (45%).

Excellent omega-3-6-9 ratio.
92% of unsaturated fatty acids.

High tocopherol content (Vitamin E)

Better alternative to Fish Oils! 

Use it to make salad dressings, or as an additive for an omega-3 boost in a variety of tasty dishes.
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Sacha Inchi

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Sacha Inchi

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