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Omegoodness offers products that enhance your body, our world, and the lives of over 10,000 villagers in the nation of Laos.

Discover Sacha Inchi

Native to the tropical rainforest of the Amazon, discover a superseed that has been cultivated for centuries by the Incas for its unmatched nutritional properties. Yet, has gone seemingly unnoticed in our Western World.

Fair Trade Certified.

Omegoodness empowers rural communities in Laos with sustainable agricultural practices, providing not only food security but also economic stability, access to education, healthcare, and a brighter future. All while offering incredible products for your own health! 

World's Best
Complete Plant Protein.

The protein contains EVERY essential amino acid in adequate quantities for adults according to recommendations set out by the WHO. In fact, Sacha Inchi is the first plant protein to date that meets this requirement.

Sacha Inchi Oil

A daily spoonful contains all of the Omega-3s your body needs + key vitamins and nutrients.

Protein Flakes

Vegan Meat substitute with just one super ingredient, Sacha Inchi. Incredibly rich in all vital aminos.

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"Those who think that this is impossible are asked not to disturb those trying."

- Dr. Philippe | Visionary