An Omega-3 Miracle, Inside and Out.

Omegoodness Sacha Inchi Oil Product Image
Omegoodness Sacha Inchi Oil Product Image
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A Rich Source of Omega-3 oil that Nourishes your body Inside and Out

Omega-3 Supplement.

Take a spoonful of Sacha Inchi oil to meet your daily Omega-3 needs, boosting your overall health in a heartbeat. It's a straightforward, natural way to infuse your diet with essential fatty acids.

  • A light, nutty taste that is easy to take by the spoonful.

  • 45% of the oil is Omega-3 fatty acids.

Revitalize your Hair & Scalp.

Sacha Inchi oil offers a hydrating touch to your hair, taming frizz and imparting a healthy shine. Its soothing properties can also alleviate dry, itchy scalps while promoting hair growth.

  • Promotes scalp health & hair growth.

  • Strengthens hair for a healthy and natural glow.

Body & Skin Care.

Discover the natural radiance of your skin with Sacha Inchi oil. It hydrates and nourishes irritated skin, making it a must-have for your skincare routine.

  • High in Vitamin A and Vitamin B, which aid in building supple skin.

  • Omega-3s help calm inflammation and enhance moisturization.

Simply One Ingredient.

Sacha Inchi raw shell flower/fruit seeds

From Shell.

Sacha Inchi raw harvested seeds

To Seed.

Omegoodness Organic Natural Sacha Inchi Oil

To Oil.

How To Use

Apply a quarter-sized drop of Sacha Inchi Oil onto your hand and lather over dry or damaged skin to revitalize and moisturize!

The Omega-3 fatty acids paired with the natural Vitamin E aid in reducing inflammation, healing irritated skin, and decreasing joint pain. It also repairs and maintains your hair & scalp when applied as a hair oil.

A single-ingredient formula rich in unsaturated fats makes this oil highly digestible. It is delicious in salad dressings or as a drizzle on vegetables or bread. Add it to your coffee, oatmeal, or smoothies/shakes for a holistic energy boost!

About Us

Beyond Organic.

Our Sacha Inchi transcends ordinary organic standards.

It flourishes under the watchful care of local farmers who handle every seed with respect, allowing it to grow as nature intended – untouched by chemicals or artificial fertilizers.

Instead, these magic seeds grow in nutrient-rich soil, watered by the natural rainfall of the region. This practice aligns with our commitment to sustainability, both for the environment and the local communities. Each Sacha Inchi plant has deep roots that penetrate the soil... read more

Impacting 10,000 Village Lives

The work we do enhances our world and the lives of over 10,000 village people in Laos.

Two smiling Laos children snacks for smiles

Join the Sacha Inchi Revolution.

"A tablespoon of this oil a day has kept me off Lipitor. After a blood test with my new internist last January, he advised me that I needed to start taking Lipitor because my numbers were ALL bad... I declined... but needed to get another blood test after 90 days. I knew about the oil and the benefits of Sacha Inchi for the Omega-3. I thought I would give it a try, especially because the other known source of Omega-3, fish oil pills, leave a bad taste in my mouth.

I started using one tablespoon of Sacha Inchi Oil every morning. After 60 days I took another blood test. All my cholesterol numbers improved. After getting their copy of my blood test, my internist called me and told me I needed to come in to see him. His nurse practitioner said that obviously, I don't need to be on meds.

Also, it improved my energy: a tablespoon every morning is like an energy boost."

- Pat K.
Altra, FL
Mother of Two

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Common sense: seek the advice of your doctor or other qualified health provider regarding a medical condition.