World's Best Natural Plant Protein.

Omegoodness Sacha Inchi Protein Powder
Omegoodness Sacha Inchi Protein Powder
Omegoodness Gluten Free Certified
Omegoodness Vegan Certified 100%
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Omegoodness Non GMO Certified

No Gluten - No Soy - No Isolates - No SWEETENERS - No Whey - No Allergens - NON-GMO

Daily Weight Management Solution.

Trim your caloric intake without sacrificing your protein intake. Omegoodness Sacha Inchi Powder is pure, nutritionally-complete plant protein. Get more protein per gram of without wasting money on fillers or sweeteners.

  • Only 80 Calories Per Serving.

  • No Soy. No Nuts. No Whey. No Peas. No Isolates. No Flavoring.

  • Suitable for Ketogenic diets.

Lean Muscle in 28 Days.

Sacha Inchi has the micronutrients to support muscle development. Minimal processing ensures better nutrition and digestibility. Upgrade your favorite morning beverage or baked good recipe with more protein.

  • 13g of Protein per serving.

  • Nutritionally complete, no combining or processing needed.

  • More Essential Amino Acids than 99% of protein powders.

Mood & Energy Upgrade.

Rest assured knowing what's in your food. Sleep better, wake up well-rested, and find the energy to take on the day. Our single-ingredient powder is 60 percent protein by weight - and nothing else.

  • 5+ Natural Vitamins

  • Over 3g of Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) per serving.

Simply One Ingredient.

Sacha Inchi raw shell flower/fruit seeds

From Shell.

Sacha Inchi raw harvested seeds

To Seed.

To Powder.

How To use

Get more Essential Amino Acids (EAA's) than 99% of protein powders in the market by taking two tablespoons in any shake or smoothie. This is a concentrated form of protein - add to a simple banana-and-milk smoothie, or substitute up to fifteen percent of the flour used in a baking recipe to boost protein and flavor.

Omegoodness Sacha Inchi protein powder is unflavored and unsweetened, ready to be combined with other ingredients as desired. It is complete, pure plant protein and nothing else.

About Us

Beyond Organic.

Our Sacha Inchi transcends ordinary organic standards.

It flourishes under the watchful care of local farmers who handle every seed with respect, allowing it to grow as nature intended – untouched by chemicals or artificial fertilizers.

Instead, these magic seeds grow in nutrient-rich soil, watered by the natural rainfall of the region. This practice aligns with our commitment to sustainability, both for the environment and the local communities. Each Sacha Inchi plant has deep roots that penetrate the soil... read more

Impacting 10,000 Village Lives

The work we do enhances our world and the lives of over 10,000 village people in Laos.

Two smiling Laos children snacks for smiles

"Ever since I started using Omegoodness Sacha Inchi Powder, my workout recovery and mood has improved significantly. The natural, one-ingredient protein source is a game-changer for me.

Janet S. , mother of two