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The Vision of Mai Savanh Lao

The vision of Mai Savanh Lao is to build innovative ways to create sustainable income for farmers and poor rural people to give them and their children a chance for a better future.

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The Founding of Mai Savanh Lao

In 2005, Philippe and Elisabeth Schmidt, with two friends, Michael Mattmuller, and Samuel Herrmann, founded Mai Savanh Lao (MSL), a social enterprise based in Vientiane, Laos. The founding goal of the shareholders was, and still is, to use any profit to strengthen MSL and its poverty-reducing strategy. Today, Mai Savanh Lao has a footprint in six provinces strategically located throughout the country, contracting with over 2,000 local farming families. MSL believes in a holistic and inclusive approach, seeking to raise wages and promote long-term village and community development.

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Mission Statement

• To produce and distribute high-quality food products and Laotian silk.
• To train and equip a network of producer-partners in low-income rural areas.
• To enable income, bring dignity and promote gender equity for the producer partners and employees in a spirit of Fair Trade.
• To fight malnutrition and give children a better future.
• To protect the environment by using and promoting nature-friendly farming and processes.

We work for the

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Eat local, consume local, closer to nature.

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Eat local, consume local, closer to nature.

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We want to take care of the little guy.

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Sacha Inchi

Our Team

We Are The Best Team

Philipp Schmidt
Philippe Schmidt
CEO Mai Savanh Lao
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Mai Savanh Lao

Mai Savanh Lao a Fair Trade Organization

Our Story

omegoodness is a family of farmers and people committed to creating the best possible products for your eating pleasure.

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Our Products

Natural goodness you can taste. Our food is exclusively small-farm grown and uses only the finest and freshest ingredients to give you the greatest eating experience.

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How We Work

Get an exclusive look inside the operation of our farm in southern Laos, training a new generation of farmers to create a better tomorrow.