Mack Khen

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Bring out the flavor in any dish with Mack Khen - a pepper-like spice with a fresh kick, and a tangy citrus aftertaste.


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Mack Khen, also known as Indian Prickly Ash, or Wild Forest Pepper, is known to have a beautiful aromatic elegance, with a fresh, yet fruity taste with intense notes of citrus and tangerine. This false pepper, when eaten, also produces a light numbing effect on the tongue.


Mack Khen

Health Benefits

Mack Khen is rich in bioactive compounds that have been traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine for generations. It is believed to possess anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and analgesic properties, making it an ideal choice for supporting joint health and relieving pain and inflammation.


Grind to your desired size in a traditional pepper grinder, and dispense onto the cuisines of your choice. It is most commonly used on fish and pork, but can be used on any other meat as well. For a unique and fresh taste, finely grind and dispense on salads or roasted vegetables.

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