Mack Khen

Mack Khen

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Liven up your dishes with this lemony spice.

• Mack Khen is collected from trees in the wild.
• Mack Khen brings a unique lemony and fresh fragrance to your dishes.
• Can be combined with meat, fish, and chocolate.
• It creates a light numbness to your tongue.


3.5 oz. (100g)
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What is Mack Khen spice?
Mack Khen (Zanthoxylum rhetsa), also known as “Indian Prickly Ash,” is a deciduous tree found in the mountainous and tropical terrain of Laos. Mack Khen is collected from the wild. Its traditional uses as a medicinal herb have been known for centuries, and several tribal groups, including the Hmong and Akkha people, are among those who use this precious pepper as a flavorful addition to their staple dishes. Omegoodness works with farmer groups and collects only sustainable harvested Mack Khen.

Flavor of Mack Khen spice:
Mack Khen has a beautiful aromatic elegance, fresh and fruity with intense notes of citrus and tangerine. This false pepper, when eaten produces a light tingling, numbing effect.

How to Use Mack Khen spice:
It is used in western cuisine for enhancing the flavor of fish, meat, and various other dishes, this special pepper breed also combines well with chocolate. You may also add to soups, salads, and vegetables for a nice kick to supplement any of your favorite cuisines.

Health Benefits of Mack Khen spice:
Medicinal interest. Studies have shown that plant parts of Mack Khen can be used for its antibacterial properties. New solarprotective potentials have been identifiied Photoprotective properties of Zanthoxylum rhetsa: An in vitro analysis; Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research, 2013, 5(12):1512-1520.

Storage of Mack Khen spice:
As for all spices, store them in a cool and dry space, and avoid direct sunlight on them.

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Zanthoxylum rhetsa


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